Dagenham Trees

We have recently taken delivery of and containerised over 500 trees for a Sustainable Industry Park in London. The project is a brownfield site in London that has been identified as an area where change needs to be managed to maintain sufficient industrial land. The site has been designed using sustainable guidelines and the design of the infrastructure includes the specification of indigenous tree species and ground flora as well as a sustainable drainage network using bioswales. The varied mix of indigenous tree species will give areas of the park subtle differences in character whilst reducing the potential negative impact of industrial air pollution, buffer noise and industrial odours along with providing a pleasurable place to work.

The drainage strategy proposed is to manage surface water run off within the site with inter connected bio swales, the water collected will be from the roads and plots and channelled towards attenuation ponds by gravity. The bio swales are designed to improve the quality of the water run off and reduce the risk of downstream flooding by controlling the water flow.

The trees themselves have been containerised at our Nursery facility in Bromsgrove, having the trees placed in containers means that planting is not restricted to the recognised planting season of November to April and also reduces the shock when lifting and transplanting the trees.

The early procurement has also secured the large number of trees at a guaranteed price. Whilst in the nursery, all of the trees will be pruned to provide a 3m clear stem which will ensure that the site is visually transparent by having the tree canopies above head height.