CSR Impact Day – Crick Primary School, Northampton

On Friday 17th May volunteers from our client Prologis and Whiting teamed up together to help improve the facilities at Crick Primary School.

Crick Primary School is a mainstream school based in Northamptonshire and houses 193 children.

Our Operations Director Wayne Bridges gave a detailed brief for the day, so everyone knew what they were doing in order to complete in time.

Our brief was to rebuild, install and improve existing and new features at the school to make it a more pleasant and welcoming place for the school children to spend their play times.

The task in hand was fairly complex. A new outdoor classroom was assembled for the children and the outdoor activity area was also enlarged.  New seating areas were installed and painted around the trees in the playground, so that the children had somewhere shaded to sit.

The completed improvements have benefited the School in many ways making it a more enjoyable space for the children to spend their breaks.

Wayne commented that ‘the end result is fantastic. The amount of effort and hard work that has gone into the day from each and every person is overwhelming.  The appreciation from the School children was so touching it makes it all worthwhile’.

The day was a great success and the works will provide benefits and enjoyment for years to come!