Paddle, Plod and Pedal – The Latest Whiting Challenge

On Sunday June 23rd, team members from Whiting Landscape took part in an all day ” Paddle, Plod and Pedal ” challenge to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester.

Following a 7am start from Pershore Youth Centre, the team began their day by rowing down the River Avon to Tewkesbury (Paddle), followed by a cross country walk on to Severn Stoke at Kempsey (Plod).

Finally, to finish the challenge, they cycled back to Pershore (Pedal) for refreshments and a well deserved hog roast!

Each task spanned between 13 – 15 miles, covering 45 miles overall through the Worcestershire countryside.

Spirits were high, with lots of team work involved and some competitiveness, but all in all they had a lot of fun. The team thought it was a really well organised event and that it was good to have the different variety of challenges. Some even said they would do it again!

Whitings managed to raise a whopping £3,793.94 for St Richard’s Hospice, smashing their target!

Until next year …………