Houlton, Rugby

Houlton is a new community development in Rugby, in close proximity to the M1 and M45. Once fully built out, the residential development will contain 6,200 homes within 1,200 acres of open space.

Houlton aims to provide high quality homes within an area of rich history, having previously been the site of the red beacons of the locally iconic ‘Rugby Radio Station’ masts. The site has continued to develop since it’s inception, now being host to ‘The Tuning Fork’ (a locally sourced café), office spaces, a Co-Operative store, a Nursery, Primary and Secondary school and a David Lloyd Gym, all set in the heart of the development and interconnected by over a mile of walkways and nature trails.

We originally installed much of the new landscaping and have maintained this for the past 8 years, supporting the project as the community continues to grow! We work alongside Urban & Civic as Developers and Preim Ltd as Managing Agents to ensure the landscaped areas present well all year round. Our contract includes maintaining over a mile of nature trails, play parks and community areas around the public facilities such as the Tuning Fork and Co-Operative. The site comprises of formal grass verges, football pitches, ornamental shrub beds, mature hedgerows, watercourses, and a range of ecology led areas such as Normandy Hill, with it’s rolling ridge and furrow landscape.

Our regular maintenance operations are undertaken by our dedicated team and led by Alan Spittle, one of our experienced Contract Managers. We utilise larger machinery including slope/ bank tractors and truxors to facilitate the clearance of wider fields and watercourses. Works are undertaken in line with ecological guidance to encourage the development of a thriving and diverse landscape.

Despite the challenges that arise from the vast size of the site and the number of homes within the development, Houlton is a diverse and well-maintained project. The size of the site ensures that there is always work to be done and we are proud of our role in helping to create a thriving and engaged community.