Semi Mature Tree Planting

At Whiting Landscape we’ve earned a first class reputation throughout the industry for our expertise in semi-mature planting, and have 15 acres of our own land dedicated to semi-mature trees. With container-growing a speciality it means you can have the flexibility to plant outside the recognised planting season.

This means that landscape projects can be completed at any time of year and achieve instant visual impact. Our specialist aftercare teams are dedicated to the establishment and continued well being of the trees to provide a lasting legacy which will enhance the environment. Click the link to check our current stock list or please contact us if you have a particular requirement.


Our purpose-built nursery in Worcestershire, right next to our HQ, is an essential part of the Whiting Landscape operation and allows us to control the quality of our plant stock. Here we have up to 1500 container grown trees held at any one time.

Our approach is to containerise the best material and grow it under close daily supervision to achieve the highest quality semi-mature stock you are likely to find anywhere. You can check our current stock availability on this website or alternatively contact us with specific enquiries.

Contract Growing

When required we can grow stock to contract at our purpose-built nursery, withdrawing the containerised plants from the open market. The result is higher quality and guaranteed availability for your specific landscaping project.

Long term procurement also helps with fixed budgeting that is unaffected by shortages or cost fluctuations. And because we originally buy the stock at an early stage of its growth, we can pass on cost savings whilst maintaining the highest nursery standards for a higher quality, more cost effective landscape scheme.

  • 12 acres of purpose built holding nursery
  • 1500 containerised trees
  • Ranging from heights of 2.5 m to 15 m
  • Girth sizes of over 100 cm
  • Planting all year round
  • Guaranteed stock
  • Quality assured

Our current stock list Get in touch with us to find out more