Maurice completes charity challenge

Fundraisers go missing in the Malaysian jungle

(but they’re back home after raising more than £18,000!)

Maurice along with two other Droitwich Spa Veterans footballers on a fundraising mission to Malaysia got more than they bargained for when the native guide, leading them on a two day trek, got the whole team lost in the inhospitable jungle.

The three friends  flew to Malaysia to take part in a group of 25 in a series of challenges to raise funds for Children Today, which transforms the lives of disabled and ill children across the UK. Three days into the trip, disaster struck on a trek through the Cameron Highlands.

Forced to cut a path with a machete through the untouched landscape, the group of daring explorers spent eight hours trying to find their campsite in torrential rain, before the failing light meant they had to spend the night around a self-made campfire in a small clearing.

Attacked by leeches, large flying insects and a snake, the team made beds out from palm leaves in order to lie down in the muddy clearing – which they later found out was the local tribe’s sacred burial ground.

Found by a rescue party during the night, the team set off at sunrise for the long, slippery and treacherous route back to their hotel. After a night of good food and local beer, the group were ready to take on rest of the charity challenges, which included white water rafting, blowpipe training, eating the foul smelling durian fruit, and a football match against the local tribe.

On his return to the UK, Peter Evans said: “We were looking forward to the chance to see some breathtaking scenery and explore a different culture, whilst at the same time raising thousands of pounds for disabled children. It turned out to be a real test of our endurance and courage, as we helped each other survive the ordeal in the jungle. The rest of our challenges seemed quite tame in comparison!

“Despite our ill-fated trek, the organization of the trip by Children Today was superb and I’m thrilled with the support we have received from our colleagues, members and suppliers – helping us to raise more than £18,000. It makes it all worth it. Thank you to everyone who has donated.”

The five friends paid all their own costs so every penny raised is going straight to Children Today. If you’d like to add your support, click the button below.

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