CSR Impact Day May 2022

On the 13th May 2022, Whitings and Prologis came together to create an outdoor space. Just short of 100 people went and got stuck into this project and the results certainly show the hard work and dedication put in by everyone.

The aim was to make a difference to the local residential area where people can enjoy the natural habitat.

The brief set out for the day was to introduce new picnic tables and benches alongside fencing for a new pond. Edging bonds were put in the new path and seeding was carried out on other areas. Prologis and Whitings worked together and split out into smaller teams with different tasks to complete.

Mark Spittle from Ultra Jet kindly organised a water tanker from Red Industries Sustainable Solutions who supplied and donated water for the pond, as well as helping throughout the day.

The sunshine was clearly on their side, and it proved to be a very hot but nevertheless rewarding day.

Take a look at some pictures captured on the day!