Magna Park, Lutterworth

Magna Park is a 30-year-old warehousing and logistics centre located near Lutterworth in Leicestershire. Despite constant HGV circulation, the site is set in a fully landscaped park-land environment with stringent measures in place to maintain the ecological balance through preserving natural wildlife and habitats.

Magna Park aims to provide a high-quality business environment specifically focused towards distribution. The 550-acre park, developed by Gazeley Properties Limited, was established in 1988 and being home to 20 different occupiers is now the largest dedicated distribution location in Europe. The strong emphasis on landscaping throughout a park of such magnitude demonstrates the importance of creating a dynamic workplace, bringing to the foreground the importance of health and well-being as essential foundations to success.

We have maintained the park for the past 8 years, since 2011. Our contract includes maintaining all of the common area landscaping across the site, which consists of approximately 225 acres in total. The site comprises areas of formal grass verges and roundabouts along the main infrastructure boulevards, wider mixed woodlands of predominantly ash and oak, wider species rich grasslands, ornamental shrub beds, mature hedgerows, lagoons, waste water treatment reed beds and a range of conservation areas. Our routine maintenance operations follow the Landscape Management Plan Specification and are undertaken by a team of 3 full time employees based permanently on site. All works are carried out in the most appropriate season, be that for horticultural or ecological purposes.

Despite its age and being one of the very first logistics parks of its type in Britain, Magna Park still remains an aesthetically pleasing site to visit. The size and extent of the Park, coupled with its maturity, determines that it is always a work in progress and requires a continual site presence.